Owning a home is a big investment. Having it professionally painted by the right company to protect it is a smart investment. On every job we do we use only premium products from major brands you know and trust and apply them how the manufacturers of those products recommend. Everything we do is designed to protect your home from the elements and make it look great for years to come. We don’t cut corners. We are proud to say that in the fifteen years we’ve been in business, less than a quarter of 1% of our customers have ever contacted us for warranty work.

What’s covered – If within three years of the completion date of the job you find paint separating from a substrate that you feel is due to a defect in our workmanship and properly notify us, we will inspect the affected area(s) and make any qualifying repair(s) FREE. While our painters are careful to prepare surfaces and apply appropriate amounts of paint to ensure a good bond and excellent performance, occasionally things happen that cause paint to peel. If the peeling is caused by something we did wrong we will fix it, at no charge, and correct the mistake. We recommend notifying us promptly if repairs need to be made to avoid further damage that may not be covered under this warranty. Only requests for warranty work submitted in writing via fax, regular mail or e-mail with a description of the required remedy and received before the three-year period ends will be honored. We apologize if this is inconvenient; however, the documentation has proven very helpful in resolving issues quickly.

– The following are warranted for 1 year: Oil-based stain sealers applied to exterior wood structures (excluding walk-on decks which we do not cover), exterior doors painted with an alkyd oil-enamel and exterior doors that are refinished and then polyurethaned.

What’s not covered – This warranty is limited to workmanship and nothing else. As we do not manufacture any of the products we use, we do not guarantee any of the products we use. We only guarantee that we use the premium products outlined in our quotes and that we use them correctly, according to the manufacturer’s suggestions. Regarding variables that affect our work, we cover things we can control and do not cover things we can’t control. Examples of things we can’t control include the following; damage to paint or substrate due to abuse, water, hail, rust, wear, aging, fading, rot, animal chewing, mowing, landscaping, settling, insects, foundation movement, home improvements (i.e. roofing or gutters), etc… Damage to paint or substrate related to suggested items of service that were declined (i.e. not replacing boards that showed signs of aging or decay) when the work was done is not covered. Paint or stain peeling or scratching away from galvanized surfaces or horizontal walk-on surfaces, such as balconies or decks, is not covered. Further, cracks in the caulking or separation of substrates resulting from normal and regular settling, foundation movement and the swelling or warping of construction materials is not covered under this warranty. Caulk seams separate when certain materials swell and de-laminate from moisture or warp from direct heat. This is typical in this climate and is not due to product failure or workmanship. To lessen the effect such separation can have on your home we recommend you seasonally inspect the seams and joints and doctor them as needed as a part of home maintenance.