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We are listed with the BBB and have an “A” rating check_mark     question-mark-32
We have a ten year perfect record with the BBB check_mark     question-mark-32
We are at the top of and have an “A” rating check_mark     question-mark-32
We earned Angie’s Super Service Award 3 years in a row check_mark     question-mark-32
We have $2,000,000 insurance and have “0” claims to date check_mark     question-mark-32
We provide a detailed written quote check_mark     question-mark-32
We provide a “3 Year Limited Written Warranty” check_mark     question-mark-32
We accept credit cards and have secure swiping terminals check_mark     question-mark-32
We require no money up front to begin work or hold a spot check_mark     question-mark-32
We caulk all joints and seams 100% – not “as needed”* check_mark     question-mark-32
We mask the brick in contrast to only using spray shields check_mark     question-mark-32
We paint roof jacks, brick flashing and window lintels* check_mark     question-mark-32

Three Reasons Why Your Home Needs Gutters

  1.  Foundation Problems-The expansion and contraction of the soil that surrounds your home is the number one reason for slab failure.  After a period of rainy weather, the soil around the perimeter of your home expands as it becomes saturated with moisture.  A dry, hot summer following the rain can cause the soil around your foundation to contract and pull away.  As this cycle repeats, support to the foundation can be compromised leading to cracked masonry as well as sticking doors and windows.  A properly designed and installed gutter system keeps the soil surrounding your home at a consistent moisture level by directing roof runoff safely away from the house.
  2. Staining of Masonry and Siding-Rainwater cascading off an unguttered roof will hit the ground with enough force to cause a splashback.  Within this splashback are dirt, grass, and minerals that end up on the exterior of your home.  Over a short period of time a stain appears that can be difficult to remove or hide.
  3. Damage to Landscaping- Plants, flowers, mulch and soil located under the drip line of an unguttered roof can suffer from the water runoff of a thunderstorm.  Additionally, this runoff can result in an overwatering condition that could permit harmful fungus to develop as well as attract ants, roaches, and termites.


Featured in Home Upgrades Magazine!

Kory Cheatham of Protek Residential & Commercial Painting

cabinetsWhat’s the most popular look in cabinets right now?
“The most popular look right now is cabinetry that matches the trim in the rest of the house—most often white. We’re also being asked to create faux finishes with a ‘tea stain’ of green or chocolate on top of cream.”

What one mistake do homeowners make when painting cabinets?
“We’re often asked to create complicated finishes using a combination of several colors to create a marbling effect. This is a bad idea because kitchen cabinets take a beating and, as life happens to them, those custom finishes are going to be impossible to touch up.”

What advice do you have for homeowners who want to wake up old cabinets?
“Hire professionals to give you a professional-looking finish you can maintain yourself. Ask them for a simple, single-color finish then change out the hardware yourself.”

The most popular look right now is cabinetry that matches the trim in the rest of the house. – Kory Cheatham from Protek Painting

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