Exterior Painting Contractor


Power Wash Painted Surfaces

  • Move necessary patio furniture, potted plants and decor away from home
  • Apply Tri-Sodium-Phosphate (TSP) or bleach to treat excessive mold & mildew
  • We use professional grade 2400-3200 PSI gas power washers

Carpentry (Done by our crews – As quoted on estimate)

  • Nail down loose trim boards, fascia, soffits and siding
  • Per quote – we replace bad trim boards, siding, fascia, soffits, doors and jambs
  • If you need siding replacement and yours is no longer available we can patch in with a similar material or re-side your home with a variety of available materials

Scraping and Sanding

  • Remove loose paint by scraping
  • Hand sand paint edges on smooth surfaces (Power sand if quoted)

Caulking (We caulk 100% of the seams – not just “as needed”)

  • Bricked and wood trimmed windows, doors and jambs
  • Fascia, soffit, siding, frieze boards and trim joints and seams
  • Premium 50+ Year Elastomeric Acrylic Latex sealant

Oil-Based Spot Priming (Full prime if needed & quoted)

  • New carpentry, bare wood and metal flashing
  • Water, mold and mildew stains
  • Wax and sap bleed on hardboard siding
  • Rust and window lintels (Special oxide primers and rust-inhibitive paint)

Masking (9” paper, plastic, drop cloths)

  • 9” paper on soldier brick around perimeter of roof line
  • Plastic on all windows, doors, fixtures, pool and furniture
  • Drop cloths on the fence, deck, railings, pool equipment and landscape
  • We make certain there is no paint on anything when we’re finished


Painting (Premium paints – Factory strength)

  • Premium Satin Latex Paint – Choice of all major brands
  • Heavy coverage (2 coats for color changes) – Never just one thin coat
  • Combination of spraying, brushing and rolling on most exteriors

Complete Clean-Up and Walk Through

  • Remove all trash and pre-inspect the work for quality
  • Formal walk through inspection with customer – Satisfaction Guaranteed!!
  • Label and leave all leftover paint for touchups