When To Paint Your Home

Homeowners often don’t know when it’s time to update their paint job and walls go untouched for far too long.  With a few simple tips, Protek wants to help you identify when it’s time for a paint update.

Protek painting color expert, Kory Cheatham, can help you decide when to paint your home. Take a look at the signs below; if any of these sound and look familiar, it’s time to give your walls some love.

  • Trends aren’t just for fashion, they apply to paint colors, too!  While your living room color might have been the must-have a few years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean it still works today. On-trend colors are perfect for accent walls.  Want a color that is more timeless? Neutrals are always in-style and easy to match. They also look great with a pop of color such as blue or yellow.
  • If the current paint is chipped, peeling, fading or blistering, it is definitely time for an upgrade. Make sure to remove the old paint, clean the surface and repair any cracks before applying your new color.
  • Some sections of your wall may be exposed to sunlight, which will make them look lighter than other sections. Get a fresh look and return to a uniform finish back by repainting and updating your color so all walls have the same look and shade.

Whether you want to freshen up the whole house, or change the look of a single room, paint is a simple solution that won’t break the bank.

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